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Legend of The Muse

Recently I had the chance to review an upcoming horror flick by director John Burr, called Legend of the Muse. So how does this slow burn, big payoff horror flick stand up? Well, let’s start with the visuals. From cinematography to color grading, and finally atmosphere, the film really nails it. It truly makes a difference how films look, how it's presented, and ultimately how it feels visually, and it’s something that can take a mediocre film and turn it into a downright good and enjoyable one. Legend of the Muse really does do well in this aspect. It’s a beautifully shot piece, which makes it just a joy to watch.

Obviously there’s more to the movie than just how it looks, clearly, and it isn’t the only technical aspect that plays a role in the experience. Audio and sound mixing are integral parts of any movie, and again, Muse does a good job. It isn’t a movie that relies heavily on sounds or sharp shrieking noises for cheap jumpscares, but you can always tell when a movie has terrible sound mixing or recording, and thankfully Muse does the job in this department as well.

Now, I know, what about the movie itself? Of course, this a review about plot, acting, story - everything that makes a good film good. Well, Legend of the Muse is most certainly not your typical horror film. What starts off with a bang settles down into what I felt was a bit of a slow burn - which isn’t a bad thing. Not every movie needs to be non-stop action and thrills, but it all comes down to the pay off. Granted, the middle portion of the movie, roughly 45 minutes in, I felt to be a bit slower than necessary. However, it’s essential for plot building, and to get a good couple kills in. Obviously, there won’t be any spoilers here, but get through the mid-arc crawl, and you’ll be happy you did.

The performances from the cast were, for the most part, impeccable. Elle Evans, who plays the titular Muse, the spirit type creature called Leannán Sí, is just perfect for the role, from her mannerisms to her incredible beauty and confidence on screen, she

stands out among the rest. Not every performance is gold, but expecting perfection from every soul on screen isn’t realistic, but those who need to be good are. Riley Egan and Max Decker play off each other quite well, and Max’s character, Hector, is a lot of fun and adds just the right amount of spice to the overall experience.

Overall, Legend of the Muse is one of those movies that can easily be spoiled, and I want to avoid any such things. But what I can say is that you’ll be left questioning a lot of what you’ve seen, even after the credits role. It’s a psychological movie, and one you absolutely need to pay attention to while watching - so put the phone away! For a movie that’s meant to hit Amazon Prime later this year, I would highly recommend checking it out. If you love horror movies filled with ghost stories, chilling scenes, and a strong plot, this will certainly be the late night watch for you.


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