Horror Shots...

What started out as a podcast in my spare time quickly turned into something more. From the handful of listeners at the beginning, to the more than 10,000 downloads I'm at, Horror Shots has definitely turned into something so much more.

I might actually be getting ahead of myself here. My name is Casey, and this is my site. I'm a writer of two horror themed novels: Lizzy and Necromancy...And Other Mystical Things.

From there I moved onto the podcasting side of things, doing the Horror Shots Podcast on a weekly basis, as well as an audio drama.

After that, I blossomed into photography - a passion of mine for years. I decided then to combine the two loves of horror and creativity to make Horror Shots Photography. I take images from my mind and make them into a terrifying reality.

So please, enjoy.

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Guelph, Ontario, Canada